Himeko Sutori has been released on Steam Early Access

Himeko Sutori the large-scale strategy JRPG developed and published by Rockwell Studios, released on Steam Early Access on 31 January 2019.

Himeko Sutori is a deep, story-driven, tactical RPG in the style of the Japanese classics of the genre.  It steps beyond convention however with huge, epic battles between armies of over 100 unique named characters, controlled at the squad level–as opposed to the individual level–in order to keep the action moving quickly.

The game will include a fully featured editor that will allow you to create your own adventures using all of the assets in the game.  All necessary source code will also be included so that you can create your own original games using Himeko Sutori as a foundation.

Check out our latest news below, or use the navigation bar at the top of the screen to learn more about Himeko Sutori.

December update: Filling in the details before Early Access release

2018 was a big year for Himeko Sutori, defined by some amazing progress on the game's campaign.  In January we started working on the first town and in December we are finishing up the final areas of the game.  And of course, all along we added new features,...
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November update: Major areas almost complete. Now adding details. And here’s our timeline for release.

November was a rough month due to illness and other complications, but we kept working at Himeko Sutori and we are very pleased to present you with the latest screenshots and updates. We spent most of the month finishing the last few major regions, with a few required...
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October update: new maps taking us into the endgame

This month we tried a new development philosophy.  Whereas before we tried to deliver small, highly polished sections of the game, this month we tried blocking out a large section of the game with the intention to go back and add more detail later. Here's some of what...
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September update: new battle maps, optimizations, NPCs, and underwear

Hi everyone!  Here we are again, with another update on Himeko Sutori.  During September we added new areas to explore, optimized some features that had been hurting game performance, and we added a lot of new NPCs to enrich the towns and the plot.  And we also gave...
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July update: welcome to the Ittihad! New world map, battle maps, towns, and factions.

Hey everyone!  It has been another busy month here.  There's still almost a week left in July, but something came up that's going to keep me busy for a couple of days, so I just wanted to get this posted right away. During July we focused mostly on creating areas in...
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June update: Bugs fixed, rim lighting, crafting, progress through Shadowlands

We fixed the last of the game-breaking bugs, made some big visual improvements with outdoor rim lighting, integrated crafting into the game, and added a boss fight and some content to close out the player's first expedition into the Shadowlands. So first off, players...
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Glowing weapons, new music, new enemies, procedural fire, dynamic lighting, new town, and crafting

Here's our monthly update.  We have a lot to cover.  Let's start with this new track from our composer, Kevin Won. That will be the theme for Sunrise Falls, the town where our story starts.  It has been a while since we added a new song from Kevin, as he has been...
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New enemies, new challenges in the Shadowlands

Himeko Sutori's development is moving along with the addition of a new zone:  the Shadowlands.  This new area introduces new music, new enemies, and a new look.  It's much more dangerous than the enchanting Sunrise Valley where our story began. We have a lot to show...
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Preview of major developments at end of chapter 1. New dungeon and sewer levels.

We are almost there.  We've redone a lot of the scripted events to make the story better and to develop the characters a little more.  We added tons of new meshes for making dungeon levels.  And every day we are inching closer to finishing chapter 1.  We hope you...
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New gameplay gifs!

Here is the tavern that we started last month, now with some NPCs and a second floor.In the image below, you can see the improved AI in action.  The computer used to charge toward the nearest player lance.  Now the computer plays much smarter.  In this...
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