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Customizing Your Character

Archetypes and Prefabs

You can make customized characters in Himeko Sutori quickly and easily thanks to archetypes and prefabs.  Both can be used to make custom characters that you can then place in a level.  The processes for creating them are very similar and the difference can sometimes be confusing to beginners.  The short explanation for when you should use them is this:  If you want the game to spawn this character during gameplay, make an archetype.  If you want to place this character into the game manually, make a prefab.

Place a default character into the level, then customize it

Every character in Himeko Sutori starts when you place an RPGTacPawn into the game world.  To do that, open the Content Browser window, go to the Actor Classes tab, and select RPGTacPawn.


All of the characters in the game are children of the Pawn class.  An RPGTacPawn has all of the functionality for using sprite sheets, equipping equipment, fighting in combat, and all of the other things that a Himeko Sutori character has to do.  An RPGTacPawn_NPC has some additional functionality for walking along a predetermined route and for reacting when the PC approaches.  An RPGTacPawn_Chicken will wander around aimlessly.

Now click and drag RPGTacPawn anywhere into the game world.  You should now see an icon of a girl with red hair.  She has a greenish tint when selected.  With your RPGTacPawn selected, open its properties.  You can do that by pressing F4 or right-clicking and selecting properties.  The properties window that appears is where you can make all of your customizations.

You can fill in some of these properties directly.  Go ahead and fill in the character’s name and select a gender.  Now go down to the Sprites section.  Here we set up what your character will look like in-game.  To select sprites for this character, go back to the Content Browser window, in the Content Browser tab.  Run a search for “template_male” or “template_female” and pick the sprite sheet you want this character to use.

If you want to browse through your options for the other sprite sheets, clear your search.  Then in the left column of the Content Browser, select the HimekoSutoriContent package.  You may have to right-click and choose “Fully Load” to see all of its contents.  You can look in spritesheets_hair_male for men’s hair and beard sprite sheets.  Or you can look in the HimekoSutoriContentNew package to find women’s hair and bangs.  When you have found a sprite sheet you want to use, select it, and then return to the pawn’s properties window.  Click on the appropriate green arrow to use the selected object in the Content Browser.  Next select the portrait assets that you would like to use.

If this is going to be a playable character, you will also need to fill in character classes and stats.  Himeko Sutori default rookie heroes have Adventurer and Student as their starting classes.  10 is the default starting stat for the primary attributes.  Initial dodge and block base stats are both 30.  You can copy HimekoSutoriContent.Characters.DefaultBeginner if you’d like to customize that archetype.

In the pawn’s properties window, scroll down to Equipment.  Here is where we select this character’s starting equipment.  This equipment gets created and equipped when the character is first created.  To find starting equipment that you want this character to have, search in the Content Browser for “Equipment.”  Select the desired equipment in the Content Browser and click the appropriate green arrow in the pawn’s properties window.

If you leave the character as-is, then this character will be where you placed him when you start the game.

Now to make this character reusable, we will need to make a prefab or an archetype.  If you want this character to be playable, then let’s make an archetype of him.  To do that, right-click on the character and select “Create Archetype.”  You will then be asked where you would like to save the archetype.  We suggest making a new package named with your campaign’s prefix.


Never save anything in the default content packages.  Always put your work in packages that you made yourself.  If you save your work in the default packages, the editor and game may display unexpected behavior.  Also, your work will be overwritten every time the game updates.

Now that we’ve saved an archetype based on this pawn, you can go ahead and delete the pawn from the game world.

Create and possess the pawn in Kismet

If you want this to be a playable character, then open Kismet and look at the _Base level’s sequence for the section where we spawn and possess the main character.

In the Content Browser, select your custom pawn archetype.  In Kismet, in the Spawn RPGTacPawn node’s properties window, press the green arrow.

Close Kismet, save all of your work, and test the game with Play In Editor.  You should now be in control of the custom pawn you created.