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Edit the Campaign List

Add your campaign to RPGTacCampaigns.ini

Now that you’ve made a new campaign to play, it’s time make your campaign accessible to the game.  To do that, we will have to make a new entry in the RPGTacCampaigns.ini file.  You can find this file in your Himeko Sutori folder, under RPGTacGame\Config.

Open the file using any text editor.  Notepad will work just fine for editing this simple.  Copy the last line that says “CampaignList=…” and paste an exact copy on the line below.  Your file should now look like this:

Edit the bottom line with your campaign’s information.  You will have to enter your campaign name, your campaign prefix, a short description (use “\n” to indicate line breaks), and your campaign’s persistent base level.  If you created a new game type, then you will also enter your custom game type here.  Otherwise, leave it as RPGTacGame.

Save the file and start the game.  You should now see your campaign in the campaign list.  Select it and start a new game.  Congratulations!  You’ve just started on your own custom Himeko Sutori campaign.


RPGTacCampaign.ini gets overwritten when you “verify integrity of game files” in Steam.  That means that you will have to add your campaigns back into the campaign list if you ever have to re-download the configuration files.  Your save game files are safe.  They will still be there when you add your campaign back to the list.