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New Game Mode

Himeko Sutori supports the creation of new game modes, also known as total conversions.  Using the source code included with the game, you can start from a solid base, and from there create any game type you want.  Himeko Sutori’s source code would make an excellent starting point for you to create an action-adventure game, a traditional RPG, a small-scale tactical RPG, a monster-catching game, or a loot-grabbing action RPG.


The creation of new game modes for Himeko Sutori is a complicated task that requires experience in programming.  For those unfamiliar with modding for UDK and Unreal 3 games, we recommend that you start with some UDK tutorials.  UDK is no longer supported by Epic Games, but you can find downloads here.  A great way to get started with UDK is by trying out the starter kits located here.

Setting up

In order to make your own game mode, you will have to set up an UnrealScript programming environment.  UnrealScript is a language developed by Epic Games for use in UDK, Unreal Engine 3, and games based on those engines.  Himeko Sutori provides all of its UnrealScript source code out in the open for you to experiment with and base your own games on.

There are two things that you will need before starting to make a new gameplay mode.  You will want an editor, where you will type your code.  And you will want an IDE to tell your editor how UnrealScript works.  Common editor-IDE combinations include Visual Studio 2010 Shell with either nFringe or Real Script, and Sublime Text with UnrealScript IDE. [Edit:  I have removed the link to nFringe.  That used to be my IDE of choice, but as of May 2021 nFringe no longer seems to be working for many of the tasks I once used it for.]

Once you have those, start a new UnrealScript project based on the code found in HimekoSutori\Development\Src.  The process is virtually identical to the process described at the Unreal Engine website.  The process of creating a new project varies depending on which editor and IDE you prefer.  But in essence, this is what you will want to set up:

  • Create a folder named for your project in the Himeko Sutori\Development\Source folder.  For example, if you wanted to create a small-scale tactics game, you might create the folder Himeko Sutori\Development\Source\SSTGame.  In that folder, create another folder called Classes.  The classes folder will be where you will save all of your UnrealScript files.
  • Use a text editor to open RPGTacGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini.  In that file, look for the section under [UnrealEd.EditorEngine].  Below the line +EditPackages=RPGTacGame, add a line for your own game.  If you named your folder in the previous step SSTGame, then here you should enter the line +EditPackages=SSTGame.

Once you have your project ready to go, you can base your custom GameInfo class on RPGTacGame, your Pawn class on RPGTacPawn, and your PlayerController on RPGTacPlayerController.  If you want to base your game on the Himeko Sutori base game, this is how you would set up your classes:


  • If you are creating a project called SSTGame, then in the Himeko Sutori\Development\Source\SSTGame\Classes folder, create a file called SSTGameInfo.uc and another file called SSTPlayerController.uc.
class SSTGameInfo extends RPGTacGame;

class SSTPlayerController extends RPGTacPlayerController;

simulated event PostBeginPlay()
	Log("You are playing SSTGame using a SSTPlayerController.");


When you are ready to build your game files, run the game’s exe file with the make commandlet.  If enough modders express interest, we can create a beta branch of the game in Steam specifically for modders, and we will add useful development commandlets and other tools to the Himeko Sutori launcher in the modders’ beta branch.

When your new game mode is ready to play, create a new entry for your game in the list of available campaigns in RPGTacCampaigns.ini.  When you create that entry for your game, change the game type, which is the last entry on the line.  If you are creating a game called SSTGame, then the last item on the line will be CampaignGameType=”SSTGame.SSTGameInfo”

After creating your new game type and  creating an entry for it in the campaign list, you can pick your game from the main menu and start it by clicking on New Game.