Himeko Sutori Press Kit

by | Jan 1, 2019

Hi everyone!  Welcome to the Himeko Sutori Press Kit page.  Here you should be able to find anything you’ll need in order to learn about and write about Himeko Sutori.  If you would like any additional information or need anything in a different format, please let us know.  You can contact our lead developer Nathaniel directly at nathaniel@himekosutori.com.

Latest Trailer

What’s with the weird name?

Himeko Sutori means “Princess Child Story,” but the word for story is English, rendered into Japanese katakana, and then transliterated back into English.  The awkward rendering is my wink at Japanese classics of the genre with their sometimes poor English localizations.

Fact Sheet

  • Developer:  Rockwell Studios, LLC; based in Herndon, VA
  • Release Date:  31 January, 2019 on Steam Early Access
  • Platforms:  Windows available immediately.  Mac coming soon.
  • Website:  HimekoSutori.com
  • Price:  USD 22.99
  • Availability:  Digital Download on Steam
  • Languages:  English
  • File Size:  10 GB
  • Press Contact:  nathaniel@himekosutori.com
  • Social Media:  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


Himeko Sutori is a tactical turn-based Japanese-style RPG that combines epic battles with intimate character development in a way that no game has accomplished since Ogre Battle 64 was released in 1999.

Take on the role of Aya, youngest daughter of House Furukawa, as war engulfs the kingdom.  Lead your troops into battle against what appears to be a clear enemy.  But as the war goes on, ambiguous moral situations and political machinations push the family’s noble intentions ever further from their original goals. In the end, after all the destruction, victory may still be found, depending on how you want to define it.


  • Epic battles of up to 200 unique, named soldiers on each side
  • A vast world with diverse cultures and people
  • 20 character classes for human troops, including knights, mages, berserkers, illusionists, gunners, alchemists, and more
  • Monster characters, each with their own character classes, including wolves, skeletons, fairies, slimes, pumpkinheads, and more
  • Hundreds of items, each with their own unique sprite sheets, so every weapon, shield, and piece of armor changes the look of your characters
  • Crafting that can provide your army with not only powerful enchanted weapons, but also new allies in the form of summoned beasts, mechanical automatons, and the undead
  • A fully featured editor with all assets and source code included, allowing players to create their own mods, new campaigns, and total conversions


Lead developer Nathaniel Ayer started working on Himeko Sutori in 2013 when his career at the Central Intelligence Agency took an unexpected turn.  There isn’t much he’s allowed to say about it, but the episode caused him a great deal of anger, resentment, and disappointment.  Then instead of playing a video game as a way of escaping reality, Nathaniel decided to channel his frustration into telling a story.  He can’t say what happened at CIA, but he can express the emotions he felt through the characters and events in Himeko Sutori.

For more detail on Himeko Sutori’s creation, you can check out this story on Imgur or read the introduction page on this web site.


Images below are png files on a transparent background.


Enjoy these screenshots, soundtrack samples, and other cool snippets from the game.