Introducing Himeko Sutori

The upcoming tactical JRPG by Rockwell Games

I’m sitting down to write this in November of 2017.  I first made this web page in April 2015, two and a half years ago.  Himeko Sutori has changed a lot in that time, and so I have I.  I think it’s about time I update this introduction page.

Himeko Sutori is a tactical roleplaying game on an epic scale.  Other tactical roleplaying games might let you recruit dozens of soldiers into your army, but let you field only perhaps six soldiers in any given battle.  Himeko Sutori steps away from convention by letting you field up to 200 unique heroes at a time for truly epic battles.  To keep the action moving along, you organize your troops into lances, each one consisting of up to ten heroes.  You give orders to the lances, then each individual hero acts on his own.

I started working on Himeko Sutori about four years ago, in 2013, as the result of a very bad situation at work.  If allowed, I would fill an entire book with the abuses I suffered and witnessed.  But my employer was CIA, and there is not much I am allowed to say more than that.  Sticking strictly to my approved resume, I can say that I speak Arabic and that I was a technical targeting analyst in the collection service.  Those wanting to know the details of what happened and why I left are encouraged to send a Freedom of Information Act request to NSA, requesting my entry from the Parting Thoughts blog, titled “Beyond Mere Malice,” posted in November 2016.  May the FOIA bureaucrats be speedy and their black markers dry.

As my situation at work grew more hopeless, I was tempted to withdraw into a video game.  That had often been my outlet for frustration in the past, but this time I realized that retreating into a video game would get me nowhere.  Instead I decided to channel all of my anger, sadness, and frustration into telling a story.  That story became Himeko Sutori, a video game that marks a new start for me in a new field far away from the business of foreign espionage and domestic backstabbing.

After a failed Kickstarter, another year’s work, a modestly successful Kickstarter for paying team members, and an entire year of my own unpaid full-time development, Himeko Sutori is finally approaching completion.  The game is currently in closed beta testing, available to Kickstarter backers and a select few others.  My team and I are hoping to release version 1.0 in the first half of 2018.  We have put a lot of love and effort into making this game.  We hope to make it mean as much to you as it does to us.

Nathaniel Ayer

Owner, Rockwell Studios. Lead developer, Himeko Sutori.