Introducing Himeko Sutori’s unique gameplay elements

Turn-based battles on an epic scale

Himeko Sutori delivers where the tactical JRPGs of old fell short.  They may have had an epic story, but the action always played out on the skirmish level.  That all changes now.  No more picking your top eight warriors for battle.  In Himeko Sutori, you will lead battles involving hundreds of soldiers, each one a unique hero.

The Element System

Himeko Sutori makes use of an intricate character-class system that strikes the perfect balance between detailed customization and speed, allowing you to optimize your army without spending hours preparing for each battle.  Each character takes certain actions in battle depending on her character class.  And each character class depends on a primary element, attribute, and skill.

Keep your characters in the same class to specialize them, or experiment with other classes to find new combinations and synergies.


White, the element of truth and light, guiding clerics and paladins
Green, the element of nature, life, and growth, loved by rangers and druids
Red, the element of chaos, rage, and destruction, channeled by warlocks and barbarians
Black, the element of deception and darkness, needed by rogues and illusionists
Bronze, the element of technology and craftsmanship, powering gunners and engineers
Blue, the element of order and discipline, favored by knights and wizards


Strength, the attribute of physical power
Agility, the attribute of physical speed and coordination
Intellect, the attribute of learning and the application of knowledge
Will, the attribute of mental focus
Spirit, the attribute of one’s connection to the universe
Charisma, the attribute of one’s connection to other people


Heavy weapons, skill with axes, hammers, and two-handed swords
Blades, skill with daggers and one-handed swords
Spellcraft, skill with wands, tomes, and other magical implements
Control, skill with manipulating enchanted items, like golems and powered armor
Marksmanship, skill with ranged weapons
Healing, skill with healing staves and salves

Character Classes

In the base game, there will be twelve character classes to choose from.  (There might be more unlockable character classes as a stretch goal…  we shall see.)  You can keep your characters in the same class to build up their expertise, or you can change them around to discover unexpected and powerful synergies.  Each character has a primary element, attribute, and skill.  And each character class overlaps with exactly three others–one each that shares the same element, attribute, or skill.













The Action-Reaction Combat System

The heart of Himeko Sutori’s combat is the action-reaction combat system, designed to keep the battles intricate and streamlined.  In essence, your characters will perform a default action when you enter combat.  And when a character takes an action, the other characters get a chance to take a reaction.  By optimizing your individual characters’ reactions, and organizing those characters’ reactions in synergy with their teammates, you will be able to put together an army capable of defeating much larger enemy armies.

The reactions trigger off events like “teammate takes damage” or “self dodges attack,” and the reaction could be a counterattack, a heal, a buff to the target, or a debuff to the attacker.  And every reaction also uses the element-attribute-skill system.  For example:

Let’s say you have a Gunner who has learned the reaction First Aid.  First Aid triggers when your Gunner takes damage, and the reaction is a bronze-intellect-healing action on self.  To maximize that First Aid reaction, you might want to cross-train your Gunner as an Engineer, Mage, Cleric, or Druid.

And let’s say that your Gunner is teamed up with a Knight, who has learned the reaction Knight’s Counter.  Knight’s Counter triggers when a teammate takes damage, and the reaction is a blue-agility-blade counterattack.  To maximize Knight’s Counter, you could cross-train your Knight as a Mage, Rogue, or Ranger.

Each reaction can only be used once per turn.  That means that if your squad attacks and gets attacked multiple times, you’re going to run out of reactions, and even your most powerful and experienced squad could be left vulnerable.  But if you use the system wisely and don’t overextend your troops, you’ll be able to defeat enemy armies many times your size.