The World of Himeko Sutori

From mountain to coast, from desert to tundra, and into a mysterious shadow realm

Feudal lords rule over their domains in shaky alliance one with another.  The three most powerful alliances are, located roughly from north to south, the Nocturne Empire, the Central Kingdoms, and the Ittihad al-Janub.  The physical world is difficult to traverse, with large mountain ranges and vast expanses of wilderness.  But it is also interconnected through world gates, which allow travelers to cover great distances quickly–if they are brave enough to face the dangers that lurk beyond the gates.

The Central Kingdoms

A loose alliance of counties and city-states, ruled over by several dozen lords, the most powerful of whom call themselves kings.  The Central Kingdoms, although the smallest of the three great powers, rose to become the richest and most powerful entity on the continent during the Nocturne Empire’s decline.  Although the kings have sworn to come together for common defense, their alliance has never been truly tested.

The Nocturne Empire

A union of many great lords, held in check by the empress, known to all as Lady Nocturne.  The Nocturne Empire is by far the largest political entity on the continent, but its wealth and population were severely depleted during the Shadow War twenty years ago.  The Empire occupies the vast North with its rich fishing waters and timberland.

The Ittihad al-Janub

After many generations of war with the Central Kingdoms, the Ittihadi emirs learned that in the long run, trade is more profitable than conquest.  Thus, the Ittihad’s emirs and bandit kings seek to amass riches through control over the vast southern trade routes.