Let’s just get straight to it, shall we?  We have tons of new screenshots from the latest test campaign.  There are still a few bugs to fix and we’d like to add some more content before releasing the campaign to anyone.  But we have plenty for you to see right now.  Here is some of what you’ll see in the test campaign.

Let’s start with this scene from the world map.  We’ve added some tricks to improve depth precision so you can see farther and we added a nifty little depth-of-field focus effect.

A few of our testers mentioned the need for a tutorial and so we’ve added one.  This test campaign starts with a very brief introduction to the game controls.  We’re getting better at the gameplay scripting, so we will be able to add scenes like this much faster now.

We’ve been adding battle maps and we are trying to give each map a unique feel.  For this “grasslands” encounter, we thought that a bridge would be more interesting than an open field–although we might still make a battle in an open field.

And by the way, you should be able to click on these pictures to see them in glorious 1920×1080 resolution.

And here is a forest battle map.  We think the hand-placed features on these maps work a lot better than the fully World-Machine-generated maps we were trying before.  It just works better with the cartoony characters and tactical gameplay.  We still use World Machine to create features like mountains and hills, which we then place into the game by hand.

And here is the same map during the day.  We are testing out everything to make sure it all looks right under different lighting conditions.  And if you return to certain places at different times, you may find out that more has changed than just the lighting.

And here are some skeletons in our first cave battle map.  We’ve discovered that this battle is much to hard for small and inexperienced armies.  We don’t want to remove the challenge from the game, and instead we are exploring options to warn you before you run into an unwinnable fight.

So that’s it for now.  We are going to add more content very quickly now and we think that October is the month when we expand beta testing to a wider audience.  We still have some more bugs to fix and some more content we want to add, but we are in good shape to deliver a fun experience very soon.