First, the latest video:

There you’ll see all the pieces coming together. There’s dialog with interactive NPCs (which are very easy to make in the campaign editor we’ll be releasing), shops, crafting, and treasure chests. And that’s just in the starting town!

You’ll also see combat against new enemies on a new map while listening to new music.


We still need to bake the lighting and shadows onto that map, but already the branches and narrow paths allow for some very interesting tactical options.

Besides that, you’ll see the level-up system in action and some of the new equipment we recently added. That level-up system also includes 20 character classes, all unlockable from your start as either an Adventurer or a Student. As you level up and unlock new character classes, you’ll also learn to craft, use, and specialize in powerful new equipment.

And now, after about three years in development, we are starting to put together the alpha test campaign.  When we’re satisfied with it, we’ll move it into beta testing and release it to our Kickstarter backers.  And from there we’ll get started on the full campaign and decide on Steam Early Access.

We are very pleased to see it all coming together now.