Here is this month’s update video!

The video pretty much says it all, but let’s dive into details here:

Here is the list of available campaigns, along with the campaign name and description.  Those details, plus the level to load in order to start your campaign, are all pulled from an ini. If you want to add a campaign, you just have to add a single line to the configuration file referencing your campaign.

We’re constantly finding ways to make a more attractive UI. It’s coming along, but we’re not quite satisfied yet.

Here’s a randomly generated hero who just happens to be old. We now have some more variation in the character portraits with the addition of facial hair, balding, and wrinkles. Most of the heroes will be young, but now the world won’t be populated entirely by shiny anime youth.

We brought down the saturation on the character sprites by about 15. Now the screen is a bit easier to look at. That change was probably the quickest and easiest improvement we made this month. Also, we got rid of the character shadows. Some ambient occlusion did a pretty good job of replacing those shadows.

Cel shading and toon lines (finely tuned now, instead of the solid black smear I had before) help unite the look of the world, making the 3D environment a little more cartoony to match the characters. Still, if you don’t like toon lines, you can turn them off in the options. I finally got around to figuring out how to access the world properties’ postprocessing chain in code, and I apply a MaterialInstanceConstant to tune the Sobel edge material.

Usually your characters will level up on the battlefield, but here we’re using a cheat code to level a character outside combat. The messages used to be displayed on a mesh in the game world. We were never quite content with how that worked, so instead we have various messages (such as damage, level-ups, and some other notifications) drawn in a GFxMovie that renders to a RenderTexture that gets put into an array in the HUD, that the HUD sorts according to distance (so that “closer” textures draw on top), and then finally draws on the screen. We can use the same technique to add combat banter. It’ll be simple now that the system is already in place.

And we finally implemented level-up cards. We made the functionality over a year ago, but we just this month implemented it.  We seriously made about 100 of these. Seriously. There’s one card for each of your characters’ 18 primary skills, attributes, and elements. Then there are the secondary skills like dodge, block, and critical hit. And now you’ll start the game with just two character classes, and there are 18 cards for each of the other character classes that you can unlock. And then there are leadership skills, crafting skills… and maybe that was all. Each card has some lore written in the description. And the cards have a texture variable so they each can have unique pictures, but we just haven’t made the cards’ faces yet.

And here’s a preview of crafting in Himeko Sutori. It’s not working yet, but we’re making progress.

We are getting very close to finished. We’re polishing all of the little details now. I think we can realistically hope to have a simple playable test campaign in a couple more months.