Hi everyone!  It’s time for the official monthly update.  I’ve moved to Egypt and I’m now working on Himeko Sutori full time.  In the last couple of weeks I’ve done a lot of work on the menus and on some systems in the background that you won’t really notice.  Since we can easily see what I’ve done with the menus, we’re going to take a closer look at those:

I’ve changed the frame rate for all of the menus to 60 fps, which makes all of the animations much smoother.  I’ve also added sound effects and some useful indicators when you mouseover equipment in the menu.  I’ve also added vendors to the game.  In the campaign builder you’ll be able to set their inventory, dialog, and multipliers for how good their prices are.

That’s the big stuff for this month.  Because I’m working on Himeko Sutori full time now, I hope to have much more to show you in January.  Thank you everyone for your continuing interest in Himeko Sutori.