I’ve been working on some sprites lately.  One sprite sheet I sent over to Shane to finish up.  The other I’m working on myself.

I may be biased, but I was pretty pleased with myself over these.  And I decided to compare them to what I had been doing two years ago.

At the top of the picture, you’ll see the first sprite I ever finished (all 32 frames that get used in Himeko Sutori’s battles), and the knight armor, which was probably the third sprite sheet I finished.  There are tons of problems with both of those sprites.  First, the template is peeking through at the edges of the leather armor because of the technique I used to draw the sprite.  It’s not a bad technique; it just wasn’t meant for small RPG sprites.  For both sprites, the colors are too dark, too boring, too muddled, and there are big boring blocks of unbroken color.  Those sprites are of the quality that I used in the Himeko Sutori Greenlight video.

At the bottom, you see what two years of progress look like.  I’m not saying these are the pinnacle of human achievement in video game art, but I do think they’re pretty good.  These guys are sporting the paladin and ranger armor, with some layers I can turn on or off to differentiate between the armor tiers.  These sprites show what I’ve learned about palette selection, lighting, texture, and some other tricks.

Himeko Sutori has come a long way in the two years since that first Greenlight submission and that first Kickstarter.  I’m glad to say that we’re still moving along and we still hope to have the game ready for you in the first half of 2017.