We’ve been really busy this past month adding more to Himeko Sutori.  The biggest change has been programming and trying out the random character generator.  Previously I had to manually create every character’s look, and only the names were chosen at random from a list.  Now we have a much more robust way of generating new characters, providing us with a much wider variety of characters.  You can see some of the new characters in action in our latest video update:

One thing that really surprised me in the combat was losing the cleric during the enemy’s turn starting at 6:35.  At first I assumed that I would want to put a cleric or two in every squad.  But the game’s AI just taught me that I’ll want to reconsider that approach:  Higher-dexterity enemies like wolves get to act first, and characters with rogue AI (like wolves and, well, rogues) target the weakest character in the opposing squad.  In this case, that meant I lost a cleric before she could even act.

It’s moments like that when I realize what an undertaking Himeko Sutori is.  This is going to be an amazing game.  I can’t wait to share it with you.