The biggest thing we’ve been up to for the last several weeks is making new equipment, each item with a unique sprite sheet. Take a look for yourselves here:

To summarize that video, every one of the hundreds of items has a unique sprite sheet. When you equip an item, you’ll see it on your character right away. That will help you identify your hundreds of heroes. It will also help you see who needs an upgraded sword, or who has that unique shield.

A glimpse at just some of the items in Himeko Sutori

Getting all of the sprite sheets to work with each other required some rewriting of code, but that’s all working pretty well right now. We still have a few issues with hair showing through helmets and weapons showing through capes, but we’ll get that all worked out. And we have a lot more sprite sheets to make.

Besides that, Nathaniel is still working on new features for the game engine. We made some updates to the website, upgraded to a private GitLab instance for version control and the possible addition of more developers. We have some GUI improvements in the works. There’s still a lot more that has to be done in the engine before we’re ready to make the full campaign, but things are moving along.

Thank you everyone very much for your continuing interest and support. We’re very excited to be working on Himeko Sutori for you.