During the Kickstarter, when you’re trying to focus entirely on promoting your project, it’s hard to get any development done.  After the Kickstarter, when you’re trying to focus more on development, it’s hard to switch gears back to promoting, or even documenting the project.

Well, here we are back in development mode and we are making a lot of progress on Himeko Sutori.  The first big piece of news is that Kevin is finishing up his master’s degree.  For his final project, he recorded Himeko Sutori’s prelude with AIR studios:

You can listen to a preview of the track on Soundcloud:


We’ve also been adding more sprites, including this beauty from Shane:

We also have new sprite sheets for spell books and orbs to differentiate your mages and illusionists from your wand-wielding warlocks.

And finally, Nathaniel has been doing a lot of work on the game engine, transitioning from the free-to-use UDK to the fully featured Unreal Engine 3. It’s a lot of work, but it’s going to pay off pretty quickly. It turns out that the campaign editor is actually very easy to compile, so we may be seeing this sooner than originally planned.