I’ve been doing lots of work on the menus for the last couple of weeks, and now I’m pretty much done.  The menus are fully functional, but some of the underlying game systems (XP for example, which allows for level-ups) still need some work.

At the top of this post, you’ll see that in-game, I’m looking through equipment and sorting it.  The equipment is grayed out if the character can’t use it.  Then I change the character’s class, go back into the equipment menu, and put on some new gear.  Not shown here, I rewrote a lot of code to allow for dual-wielding, and the combat system allows characters to take two attacks under certain circumstances.

Below, you’ll see the system I’ll be using for level-ups.  (By the way, my wife, who lived in Japan for a year and a half, tells me that “level up” in Japanese is “rebaru uppu,” and Japanese people say it to refer to getting better at anything.)


The animations there are recorded straight from Flash, but you’ll see the same animations in-game.  I made the cards kind of long so that they look more like tarot cards than common playing cards.  In-game, those cards will have some specific bonuses written out on them, and each class will have a different deck of level-up cards to choose from.  I thought the card system would simplify level-ups for those players who field big armies, so you’re not spending hours between battles deciding on skill trees or the like.  Also, I thought it might add kind of a fun feeling to the level-ups, so that you’re eager to see what new bonuses a class might give you.