I’m still learning and getting better all the time.  I have some more animated .gifs showing off gameplay, including this one from the squad-creation menu.  And below, you’ll see some others showing ranged and melee combat.

For anyone keeping up on how to go about making and marketing a video game, I’ve found that animation gets more attention than still pictures.  I’ve been using Fraps for screen recording and Photoshop for turning screen recordings into .gifs.  The problem with animated .gif files though is that they can be pretty big.  Photoshop can help you keep the size down with the number of frames and colors, but you can get a lot more compression if you then take your .gifs to http://ezgif.com/optimize.  I’m mostly using their “optimize transparency,” which works really well for screen recordings that use a limited palette and limited screen movement.

The squad menu is mostly finished.  There’s just a little more required functionality, and then I’ll add some niceties.  The combat is mostly unchanged from a few months ago.  After the squad menu, I’ll add some functionality to the character sheet page:  XP, level-up, equipment, and class change.  After that, I’ll add functionality for user-made campaigns.  (I already know how to implement this; I just have to get around to it.)  And I need to make sure that everything works with my save/load game system.  And then, finally, I think I’ll have a fully functional game engine.