I’m trying out a new direction with the art by making backgrounds that match the pixel characters.  I like how it’s going so far, but there’s lots I’ll need to work on.  Making new assets is going to be moderately difficult.  I might have to start over from scratch, tossing everything I already have.  But so far I’ve been able to repurpose the textures I was already using elsewhere, pixelating them and inserting them back into the game.

I also tried out vertex painting to get textures to blend on the cubes.  I think that’s working out pretty well.  By painting the vertices, I was able to reuse the same material and mesh for all battle tiles and get a little variety without a lot of effort.


And now for some more screenshots.  Here you see pathfinding along a hillside.  The squad decided it was too steep to go straight up, and so it picked a longer path.  There is still a lot of work that I have to do to get height-variable movement working, but I have a start.  This work will also pave the way for flying units if I ever insert them into the game.


Here’s a look at the pixel water.  You can see faint watery walls inside the river.  That’s because the water is also made of cubes, and you’re seeing their sides.  I’ll change that eventually.


And here’s a quick look at a battle I started up on this map.  Good to know everything is still working.


From here I think I need to play with the color and lighting some more and experiment with more interesting terrain.  I think I like the new look for the battle map.

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