I’m completely rebuilding the combat engine. Mostly right now the difference that you’ll see between this and the stuff I posted 6 months ago is the sprite variety and particle effects. But under the hood, there’s a lot more going on: actions determined by character class; hit, crit, and damage calculations based on attributes, skills, elements, and equipment; defensive bonuses for holding position; one “default action” per round, whether it’s on your turn or the enemy’s turn; and spaces in the code to allow for reactions and missile attacks.

I’m hoping to have a new video up soon showing off all of the changes.

…And I just now realized how much more powerful the magical attacks are than the other attacks. The magic wand weapons that the mages have equipped actually have a much lower attack power than the swords. But everyone also has much lower magical defense. I think I’m going to have to try to balance that out better. My wish was for AoE attacks to do less damage per target than a melee attack, but to do more damage overall when there are four or more targets. It feels good to be at a stage in development where I’m thinking more about game balance than game features.