Himeko Sutori was recently featured on Screenshot Daily, giving us a lot of new visibility.  They had a bunch of our older screenshots, so I tweeted them this more recent shot showing off some of Endymion Games’s pixel art, and some of the new materials and lighting effects I’ve been working on.

Screenshot Daily’s blogging, and the related reblogging, seems to have given Himeko Sutori a bump at Steam Greenlight, as you can see at right.  We’re now 65% of the way to the top 100.  I would have been very happy to have been greenlit right away, but I think the current pacing is going to work out well:  Himeko Sutori’s rising Greenlight position should help a lot with a tentative September or October Kickstarter relaunch.

Besides that, I’m working on a new level that should show off a lot of the new features I’ve been working on.  I hope to have a new video out soon showing off new sprites, new particle and lighting effects, and new combat features including ranged attacks and counterattacks.  Be sure to follow Himeko Sutori on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube so you won’t miss a thing.