Here we see some new pixel art from Shane, a water material I made, and a little sunburst cylinder that I made.

I find that environments look a lot more interesting when I make a primary light coming from one direction and add a dimmer contrasting light from the opposite direction. Here there’s a primary light yellow light and a dimmer blue-purple light opposite it.

And as a pointer for any other game designers lurking around here, those buildings came as pre-built meshes and they are a HUGE pain to try to lightmap properly.  So I’ve taken just giving them each massive lightmaps and not worrying how efficient it is. But doesn’t that take a long time to build the lighting, you ask? Not really. I’ve pretty much stopped doing lighting builds on my home PC. My new workflow is this: I make a level on my home PC, save it to Dropbox, RDP onto my AWS graphics instance where 32 Xeon processors churn out in a minute or two what I would normally leave my computer on overnight to build, save the level back into Dropbox, shut off the AWS instance to save money, and then keep going. It’s working really well for me and I recommend it.

I’m still working on menus, inventory, ranged combat, and some other systems. But unfortunately, I’m spending nearly all of my time right now integrating new content, making screenshots, and doing the social media thing. I wish I could just focus on development, but alas, such is the life of an indie developer.