I did a lot of work on materials this week.  And I think I can make the auto-waterfall landscape work.

This is basically the same material I showed you last week, but I had to figure out how to massage everything, and make UDK not flip out when I give it a transparent landscape.  I think one of the bugs is that creating a transparent landscape somehow turns off the “enable separate translucency” setting in all of the other materials, so I just have to go back in and fix them.  There are several other bugs in UDK that I’ve come across associated with this, but I think I found a way past them:  I set up a template, work out all of the bugs, and then I make new levels from that template instead of trying to set up the translucent landscape again.  It’s working so far, and I still have my other transparent materials working, like my fireflies:



Those are translucent, emissive particles that don’t have the Sobel edge detection black outline, and they also don’t turn black when they cross over one of the Sobel edges.  I think we can call this a success.