I’m finally moving Himeko Sutori from Early Access to full release tomorrow. I’m kind of nervous about it. I know the game still has bugs and there’s more content I would like to add. But I think I can say that what I have right now is a complete game, and less buggy than other full releases I’ve seen. I have one more building interior I want to make for one more NPC named after a Kickstarter backer, who will sell one more kind of item I want to put in the game, for which I need to make one more sprite sheet (maybe with some recolors) and a crafting recipe… or maybe I should just make this item available for purchase with gold instead and save myself a step. Anyway, I think I can do all that by tomorrow.

And I’m afraid I’m going to have to cut a little content too to make tomorrow’s deadline. There’s one town late in the game that I made that I think I’m just going to erase from the map. It doesn’t have any NPCs in it, and it doesn’t serve any story purpose. It was mostly there just to show the player that this region has people living in it. Making a town’s populace, with shops, night/day variations, dialogs, and maybe a quest or two is probably at least a week of additional work. Maybe I’ll add it in a future patch.

After this, I’m going to force myself to focus less on adding content. I’m going to fix bugs, improve QoL, balance the game, build for other operating systems and distribution platforms, and maybe start some more localizations.

I’ve been working on this full-time for four years. And I started working part-time about two years before that. I’m not planning on this making me rich. I’m not even planning on this making as much money as I might have made had I kept my old job. I did this as an escape from that job, and a chance to start over doing something new. So tomorrow it’ll be done, besides support and maybe some future content updates, but like emotionally and symbolically, I’ll be done. This chapter will have closed. I’ll transition from working on Himeko Sutori to looking for my next thing. I have no idea what that’s going to be.