I’ve been trying to make the combat in Himeko Sutori more complicated, more varied, and more tactical.  The other day one of the players mentioned how easy it is to “waltz around” the enemy.  And he was right.  So I’ve decided to add zones of control.

Zones of control are pretty common in tactical games.  Basically, they are a way for units on the battlefield to limit the enemy’s movement.  In Himeko Sutori, the hexes surrounding a lance are the zone of control.  An enemy lance cannot move from one hex to another within the zone of control.  There are some exceptions to that (such as moving through an allied lance, even if it’s in the zone of control).  I might add more to that later, but that’s how it works for now.

I think it’s good change.  It won’t be so easy to flank the enemy now.  And it’ll be easier to protect your ranged lances.  And armies on the world map also have a zone of control, so this might force you into battles more often.

I’ve asked the Steam Early Access players what they think about the new feature.  We’ll see how it goes.