We’ve been unbelievably busy working on Himeko Sutori for the four months since launching on Steam Early Access.  We’ve been posting most of our updates over on the official Himeko Sutori Steam community page and our Kickstarter page.  But we should update our blog here too.

There’s simply too much that’s happened in the last four months to post about it all here, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Dragons, ogres, and other powerful new enemies and allies.
  • Castle walls that provide bonuses to attack range, attack power, and defense.
  • Flanking bonus for surrounding your enemy.
  • Flying units that can go right over obstacles on the battlefield.
  • Sword Keep, Misfortune’s Gate, the Japanese-themed Yamatai cities, and dozens of other new locations.
  • Streamlined crafting.
  • Literally hundreds of small bug fixes and improvements.

And we’re still adding and improving more every day, working hard to earn our 100% positive rating on Steam.

Now that the initial rush from EA release is over, we’ll try to return to blogging our regular progress here.  We’ll be back with more updates soon.