We fixed the last of the game-breaking bugs, made some big visual improvements with outdoor rim lighting, integrated crafting into the game, and added a boss fight and some content to close out the player’s first expedition into the Shadowlands.

So first off, players had reported a game crash during the enemy’s turn in combat.  We found out that was being caused when a ranged unit couldn’t find a target in range, then decided to move as regular melee unit, but then there was a condition that made it switch back to searching for ranged targets, creating an infinite loop.  So that’s fixed now.

We also had some issues where followers and party members would just disappear.  And there was a bug preventing players from progressing out of the sewers.  Those have all been fixed and the game is fully playable and we can now spend our time improving the game and adding content.

For the first of the improvements, take a look at the screenshot above.  We were playing a nighttime battle and thought that the scene just looked dark, monochromatic, and boring.  It needed some more light and color, while preserving the nocturnal aesthetic.  We had played around with rim lighting before and decided it was time to revisit the idea.  And what you see above is the result.

The blue highlights on the top of the grass and the sides of the tree are a special effect built into the materials and not the result of any actual light source.  They add some much needed color to the scene and break up the solid blocks of darkness present in our old maps.


Our old nighttime battles were just dark and boring to look at.  We’ve improved the look with the addition of rim lighting.


Next, we’ve been integrating crafting into the game.  And by integrating, we mean we are putting the crafting system everywhere.

We’re making crafting stations, vendors, loot drops, recipes, tools, reagents, and more.  You can craft new equipment and even new characters for your party.  There’s still more to do, but we’ve come a long way.

The latest update also introduces the House of Life, which can provide you with healers and with materials for performing necromancy.  Beyond that, the House of Life will also play a very important role in Himeko Sutori’s plot.

And of course, we are continuing to add new areas to explore, including Anvil Gate Outpost.  And hopefully very soon, we will continue your adventure through Anvil Gate and into the next chapter of Himeko Sutori.

That’s it for now.  But expect some more patches for the next couple of days as we continue fixing bugs.  And after that we’ll get back to adding more content and pushing Himeko Sutori’s plot along.  See you next month!