Here is the tavern that we started last month, now with some NPCs and a second floor.

In the image below, you can see the improved AI in action.  The computer used to charge toward the nearest player lance.  Now the computer plays much smarter.  In this case, the ranged units find the hex farthest from the player, but still in range, and attacks from there.

The computer will now kite you with archers and gang up on wounded units.  The computer ended up being so cutthroat in fact that we ended up giving it a few suboptimal strategies because it makes the game more fun.

And below we see the start of a story battle.

In the gif below, the gunners retreated to the cliffs and had nowhere else to go.  I lost this battle in the end and had to get through it with a cheat code.  When you eventually play the game, maybe you should level-up your army with a battle or two before charging into this fight.

When you get back to town, you can progress to a new cutscene.  Here we make use of custom color grading.

We’ve used color grading for a long time to change the color of the scene based on time of day.  This is our first time changing the color manually.

The plot-exposition in that cutscene gets interrupted…

And we reach the point where the plot turns for chapter two.  We have one more area to build, and one more story battle (and maybe another couple of random battle maps), and then the heroines must step into the unknown and into chapter 2.