We are now working on the official campaign for Himeko Sutori.  The starting town is almost finished.  Here’s a peek at what you’ll see in the game’s first chapter.

Your first task involves checking out some things around town. This will get you familiar with the controls and will provide some plot exposition.

When you first meet him, the girls’ father is too busy to talk to you. But if you listen in on him and his guest, you’ll get some information on what’s going on in the world.

Everyone has told you to stay away from the city’s world gate, but what you do is up to you.

You should be able to win your first battle, but if you’re not careful you can lose your dog and fairy companions this early in the game.

After the battle, the shopkeeper gives you thanks, supplies, and gameplay tip.

We still need to add some NPCs to the tavern. This is where you’ll recruit a few more party members before heading out of town.

And that’s what we’ve been working on this month.  We’ll have lots more to show you soon.