Introducing Himeko Sutori

The upcoming tactical JRPG by Rockwell Games

Himeko Sutori is my passion.  It has been for well over a year now.  It is my dream to create something beautiful and lasting, something that people will enjoy and share with their friends.  Himeko Sutori is not just a game; it’s an experience, a personal and involving story, and an opportunity for everyone to share their own stories.

Himeko Sutori started in earnest during a very frustrating time for me.  I might have sat down to any one of my favorite video games and withdrawn, but instead I chose to tell a story:  a story about honesty, naivete, betrayal, machinations within machinations, fighting against hopeless odds, losing your way, and finding–if not victory– then at least redemption.  And I turned that story into the video game I would have wanted to play if only it existed.

I love video games, RPGs especially, and the story-driven Japanese RPG classics most especially.  I felt that my story could best be told in the JRPG genre, but there weren’t any conveniently moddable JRPGs or RPG-centered engines that could tell the story through the scope I had imagined.  So I set about writing my own game using what was the most powerful and widely available engine at the time:  UDK.  And with UDK, I set myself to making a new JRPG classic:

Himeko Sutori is a story-driven, tactical JRPG, that puts the player in control of an army of over 100 unique named characters whom you can customize, equip, and level-up as you uncover the schemes and betrayals that have thrown the kingdom into civil war.  Furthermore, Himeko Sutori will include all of the code and assets players will need in order to create their own campaigns, their own stories, set in their own worlds.

Build an army of over 100 unique and customizable characters

Dive into a deep and engrossing story

Use UDK and Kismet visual script to make your own worlds, down to every last character, ability, dialog, and item

On my own I learned UDK, Photoshop, Blender, and at least half a dozen other programs.  I learned to draw sprites and portraits, create 3D models, and program gameplay with visual scripts.  And then in early 2015 I had to tell my work when I would be taking leave for the year, and I had to launch a Kickstarter so I could see whether I could afford any unpaid leave.  Unfortunately, I launched the Kickstarter too early, before I had enough to show off, and my project fell short of its funding goal.

But now that I don’t have a specific deadline to meet, I’m taking the time to prepare for a Kickstarter relaunch and I’m going to do it right.  To start off, I’m launching this website with its official development blog where everyone can see my progress, slow as it may be.  At the time that I’m writing this, there’s not much to see yet, but I plan on changing that very quickly.  Please take a look around and learn more about Himeko Sutori, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and YouTube, and please support us when the Himeko Sutori Kickstarter relaunches in the coming months.  You won’t be disappointed.

Nathaniel is the project manager for Himeko Sutori