Himeko Sutori is the upcoming tactical JRPG by Rockwell Studios, successfully Kickstarted in May 2016.  The game is currently in development with a planned release in 2017 on Steam and other online marketplaces.

Himeko Sutori is a deep, story-driven, tactical RPG in the style of the Japanese classics of the genre.  Himeko Sutori steps beyond convention however with huge, epic battles between armies of over 100 unique named characters, controlled at the squad level–as opposed to the individual level–in order to keep the action moving quickly.

As you progress through the game, you will customize each hero’s equipment, special abilities, and character class, creating the army that fits your style of play.

The story of Himeko Sutori focuses on three children torn from their family by civil war. Schemes, betrayals, and a seemingly indifferent God drive them from one hardship to another, causing them to question nearly everything–especially their motives for continuing the war’s bloodshed when their original noble intent becomes impossible. But through it all, they may still find victory, depending on how it is defined.

Feel free to take a look around the site and learn more about Himeko Sutori.

October update: Randomly generated characters, UI updates, and a surprising combat test

We’ve been really busy this past month adding more to Himeko Sutori.  The biggest change has been programming and trying out the random character generator.  Previously I had to manually create every character’s look, and only the names were chosen...
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September update: Hundreds of new items, new sprite sheets

The biggest thing we’ve been up to for the last several weeks is making new equipment, each item with a unique sprite sheet. Take a look for yourselves here: To summarize that video, every one of the hundreds of items has a unique sprite sheet. When you equip...
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Listen to “Journey’s Awakening ~ Prelude” from the Himeko Sutori soundtrack

All of us have been blown away by how well this turned out.  Kevin has finished his master’s degree and for his final project he recorded this song from the Himeko Sutori soundtrack with AIR Studios.  He is well on his way to becoming one of the most...
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Live orchestra, new sprites, and campaign builder

During the Kickstarter, when you’re trying to focus entirely on promoting your project, it’s hard to get any development done.  After the Kickstarter, when you’re trying to focus more on development, it’s hard to switch gears back to...
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Still under development, even during the Kickstarter

I’m still working on Himeko Sutori, even while the Kickstarter is going.  Here you can see I’ve been working on some new snowy materials.  They’re not perfect yet, but we’re getting there.  I had to change some things around to make sure...
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Kickstarter is live! 80% funded in first week!

Hey everyone.  I am keeping really busy with the Kickstarter.  Please go check it out…
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How to make a cool fire effect behind your text

I hope you all know how much I love you.  I just wrote this entire post, and lost the whole thing, and now I’m starting over. Well, we are releasing a new trailer soon and it has this cool animation in it.  I thought I would take the time to show you...
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I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately. That’s because I have big news coming up.

The alpha demo is almost ready.  I’m starting to incorporate feedback from a few friends and I hope to have something ready to show everyone in early April 2016.  Check back here very soon to play Himeko Sutori for yourself.  I’ll have a LOT more to...
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Almost done! Save/load game finished. Plus lots of graphical improvements.

  I am sooooo cloooooose to finished here.  I have all of the critical game systems at least functional.  There are a few more things I need to do, and then I’ll be able to start working on a playable demo.  For now, check out the video above showing...
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Equipment, Class Change, and Level-Up Menus Done

I’ve been doing lots of work on the menus for the last couple of weeks, and now I’m pretty much done.  The menus are fully functional, but some of the underlying game systems (XP for example, which allows for level-ups) still need some work. At the top...
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